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Pursuing your National Board Teaching Certificate or... Just Thinking About it?
It can be overwhelming to get started. We have been there and done that and have gathered resources to help you along your journey.  Please if there is a resource we should add or tips that helped you along your way!

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
- This is the website you will need to sign up to take the NBTC and receive your portfolio kit.  You can also download all portfolio directions and forms here for your certification area. 

Mrs. Russ's National Board Support - Many articles and tips to working on entries from a teacher who has already been there, done that.

NEA National Board Support - Provides articles and explanations around how NEA supports teachers seeking National Board Certification.

WEAC - Tips for completing Entry 4.

The Corner Stone - Resources and tips for getting started and writing portfolio entries from a NBTC Teacher.

Teacher.Net NBTC Chatboard - Chat with other teachers pursuing National Certification.

NYSUT - Tips for NBTC Candidates from the NY Teacher's Union.