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Setting Up A Math Intervention Class...How Do You Fill the Gaps?
Intervention classes can be broken down into segments to work on the different components of math that will help them improve their skill set and close the learning gaps that have occurred.

Step 1 - Assess where each student is with their basic skills knowledge. Use our
assessment if you don't already have one.


Math Fluency Practice – 10 minutes
Have student practice basic operations for about 10 minutes each day.  Start with addition (depending on student's needs) then move to subtraction, multiplication and division.  After that it can be fractions, decimals, etc.  

Here are some ways to focus on math fluency in your classes: 

  • Flashcards- Have students make their own on index cards, record how many they get correct after a set number of minutes and record their progress each day.
  • Online Math fact practice - Have students practice math facts on interactive websites that have timed practice problems online for basic operations (,,,
  • Timed Math fact practice worksheets - There are also tons of websites with free math worksheets    (,
  • Math Games - Multiplication War, Division Bingo, etc.

You can use any word problems from your core materials or make up your own. It is highly recommended that students work intensively with problem-solving during intervention. Pick one problem-solving strategy and have students use it consistently.

The suggested sequence is to:
1) show students one problem from start to finish,
2) work together on a second similar problem and then
3) give them a third problem using the same operation. 

Individual practice to address student's missing skills

Once you figure out where each student is, they should work on the skills that will help get them to grade level. or can help identify which skills students should work on. Practice could be done online through the IXL website or you can gather materials to help students practice.  Check out the math links page to find other supporting Websites.


*For more information on Response to Intervention for math, check out: