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Looking for ways to survive Middle School Math?
We know how frustrating it can be try to help your child with math homework or get home and find that your parents don't remember how to do it.  Help is here!  There are tons of resources on the Web to help you and your parents with math.

Online Resources
- Check out our links to practice worksheets, videos and tutorials, math games, coloring sheets and much more!

Worksheets - Practice at home using our teacher-created worksheets and answer keys. You will find concepts from basic skills up to Algebra.

Math Success Checklist - There are many little things you can do at home to make school go smoother.  Read this tips to get ready for a year of math success!

Math Fluency - What is this and why is it necessary?

Parent Forum - Ask other middle school parents and teachers questions and get answers!  The current topic discusses motivation and ways to set up a routine at home.

Parenting Resources - Our list of non-math related parenting Website.