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Hot Topics in Middle School Math
This page is for news articles and research about middle school math. To keep up with what's going on with math nationally, check back often.  It is always fun and insightful to read about the different research and opinions around math curriculum and structures.

Discussions about Algebra for 8th graders

Should all 8th graders be Enrolled in Algebra? - July 2010, ©
Why Algebra Matters - April 2009, STEM-ology
8th Grade Algebra: Finding a Formula for Success - June 2006, by Lisa Fratt
Re-Calculating the Algebra Rush - September 2008, The Washington Post
Algebra for all 8th Graders: Dropout Cure? - July 2008, Living in Dialogue
Ability Grouping in Math
Is Ability Grouping the Way to Go or should it Go Away? - © 2006 Education World
NMSA Research Summary-Heterogenous Grouping - February 200

Closing the Achievement Gap
Middle-School Math Classes Are Key To Closing Racial Academic Achievement Gap - ScienceDaily (Apr. 22, 2009)

Discussions About Standards - Common Core Standards Initiative

Four Day School Week?
Yahoo article 6/4/2010 - Discusses district who have done this with varied results.

Technology in the Middle School Classroom
EXCEL-lent Middle School Math Lessons - Leslie Bulion, Copyright © 2001 Education World
Middle School Math and the Calculator - by Dr. Louise Johnson 2001

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