Middle School Math Resources

for Teachers, Parents and Students

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Teacher's Toolbox


Reach into our toolbox and pull out everything you need to set up your math classroom.  


Parent Handouts

Sample Math Syllabus - Let students and parents know grading policies, math standards and classroom expectations for a smooth start to the year.  
Sample Math Syllabus #2
Sample Algebra Syllabus
Sample parent letter - Introduce yourself to parents and let them know how you can work together as a team to support their child.

Student Handouts
4 Steps to Math Success Handout - Set up classroom expections

Late Passes - Passes ready to print and hand out to students

Hall Passes - Coming Soon!


Getting to Know You Activities

Student Questionnaire - Get to know your students by having them answer questions about what motivates them.  Turn it into a scavenger hunt game by cutting and pasting answers into a grid for students to search for and cross off.


Printable Templates 

Weekly Warm Up Response Sheet - Print and hand out for students to record warm ups all week
Weekly Learning Log - Print and hand out for students to record daily learning targets, homework assignments and daily warm up.  2 pages to be printed double-sided.


Diagnostic Test

Basic Skills Assessment - Basic Skills Assessments for new students or the whole class.  Includes answer key.