Middle School Math Resources

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Middle School Math Projects



Tangrams - This project involves using rotations and translations to solve puzzles using tangram pieces.  Students make their own pieces by connecting midpoints and then choose their own objects to create. (See pictures)


Polygon Art, Grading Rubric - This is a great way to introduce polygons and relate them to common objects or things. 


Sierpenski's Triangle, Grading Rubric - This project involves connecting midpoints of an equilateral triangle to create smaller triangles.  It also involves coloring to create symmetry and identifying the vertex of triangles. 



Graphing Car Values - An activity where students gather data to create a line or bar graph.  Can be easily adapted to

whatever type of graph you are working on.


Classroom Graph - Students create survey questions, poll fellow students, and create three different types of graphs with the results.