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Printable Pre-Algebra Worksheets and Activities



Jessica's Area Problem

Box and Whisker Plot

Mr. Whisker's Dilemna
Graphing Car Values - A way to have students gather data to create a line or bar graph
Magic Square, Answer Key 
+/-Tic Tac Toe - Partner Activity
Adding Integers, Answer Key
Subtracting Integers, Answer Key
Name the Integers - Find two integers that have a specified sum and product
Integer Rules to post.
Like Terms
Tic Tac Toe Partner Activity for Review or Warm Up 

Make that Number!-Partner competition

Matching Words to operations
Word Wall Quiz
Solving Equations
Tic Tac Toe - Partner Activity to review solving equtions by adding or subtracting
Square Roots
Perfect Squares Table, Answer Key

Assessment - Can be used as a pre-test/post-test


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