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 Middle School Math Parent Forum 


Being a parent of a middle school math student can be frustrating and confusing at times.  How many times have you looked at your child's homework and wondered when they changed math?  Do you have questions for other parents of middle schoolers about helping your child succeed in math?  Do you need a teacher's perspective on things? Post your questions here and we will make sure you get some answers!  On the flip side, please share your answers too:-) 

Question #1:  Motivation
How can I motivate my son to do his math homework? 
Response: Set up a consistent routine that requires homework being done before t.v., video games, computer time, etc.  Ideally, homework should be done immediately when kids get home from school.  Make sure to check your child's homework especially if you are told that they finished it at school or that they never get any.  Sometimes it helps to set up a good snack to go with homework.  Food can be motivating!
~B. Brown, School Administrator and Parent, Tacoma, WA
Question #2:  Algebra Readiness
How can I make sure my daughter is ready for Algebra next year?  I'm afraid I won't be able to help her with her homework. 
Response: Algebra readiness begins with math fluency.  If your daughter has her basic math operations mastered and a concrete understanding of fractions and decimals then she is ready for Algebra.  If any of these areas are lacking or you know that she is below grade level, I recommend practicing at least 20 minutes a night and consider Kumon or a private tutor if that is in an option.  Algebra is the gateway course to choices beyond high school. 
~D. Moore, Teacher, Inglewood, CA
Send your math questions or responses by filling out the form below and I will post them for other parents and teachers to answer or share ideas.  
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