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Homework Help for Middle School Math Students 


The following links have resources for homework help, online games and math practice.

mathplayground.com - Online Games, Word Problems, Puzzles
math-play.com - Online games to practice basic math up to Algebra
coolmath.com - Math Lessons, Games, Worksheets, and Puzzles
coolmath4kids.com - Math Lessons, Games, Worksheets, and Puzzles
edhelper.com - Math Lessons and Worksheets
figurethis.org - Math Challenges for students and families
math.com - Homework Help, Worksheets, Puzzles, Games and Lessons
aplusmath.com - Games, Flashcards and Homework Help
superkids.com - Worksheet creator for basic math facts
themathworksheetsite.com - Customizable Math Worksheets
kahnacademy - free video tutorials on k-12 math concepts
kidsnumbers.com - Math Practice, Worksheets, and Games
mathcats.com - Math Projects, Games, Trivia, Practice
allmath.com - Math Glossary, Skills Practice, Math Links
mathforum.org - Math Resources for Teachers and Parents
purplemath.com - Pre-Algebra and Algebra Lesson Plans
webmath.com - Homework Help
algebrahelp.com - Lessons, Calculators, and Worksheets
mathwords.com - Math Definitions and Symbols
brightstorm.com - Free online pre-algebra and algebra video lessons to help students with the concepts, equations and calculator use
softschools.com - Free middle school math games
mathebook.net/middleschool.htm - Free practice, online or printable
algebasics.com - Free Algebra "how-to's" on a variety of concepts 
tutorhunt.com - Free service to locate a math tutor in your area
Check back often!  If you know of a great math Website we have left off, please !