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 Math Fluency for Middle School Students 

One of the biggest predictors of how your child will perform in middle school math is math fluency.  This is the level of ease your child can perform the basic math operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is similar to reading in that if you have to stop and sound out a word, the meaning of the text gets lost.


Pre-Algebra classes typically review some of the basic math operations towards the beginning of the school year but quickly introduce basic Algebra concepts so that students are exposed to all of the required concepts.


Algebra curriculum may include order of operations review but the focus will quickly change to linear equations.  If students struggle with fractions, algebra will be much more challenging.  The good news is that algebra problems really require students to use all of the skills learned in Kindergarten through 7th grade so the review of skills is embedded throughout the course.  


See our Worksheets section to print out free worksheets for your child to practice basic math facts.